Specialty Areas

Sport Specific Training

Whether it's tuning up for a triathlon or preparing for football season, the key component is having the necessary sport-specific training tools, nutritional guidance and recovery techniques to enhance overall athletic performance. Grene Fitness is committed to taking you to the next level while judiciously educating you about and protecting you from injury. First, we review your previous athletic and conditioning experience. Next, we customize a program based on proven scientific training trends concentrating on techniques indigenous to boosting your peak performance. These programs may include flexibility; cardiovascular, weight and core training; and plyometrics and agility. Sports include, but are not exclusive of: basketball, soccer, skiing, golf, basketball, racing, bodybuilding, track & field, martial arts and volleyball.

Strength and Conditioning

At Grene Fitness, exercise science is the key to unlocking your body's optimal strength and conditioning potential. The foundation is built on a comprehensive evaluation including, age, weight, cardiovascular fitness, joint function and exercise history. Based on your profile, a customized program of resistance training, aerobic conditioning, balance and agility/flexibility-based techniques is strategically integrated. The goal: to increase strength, power and muscle size; develop a lean, well-conditioned physique; and encourage longevity and endurance. Utilizing stability balls, medicine balls, free weights, jump ropes, kettle bells, tubing and even your own body's resistance, progressively challenging experience for men and women of all ages.

Post Rehabilitation

Our post-rehabilitation programs are designed for clients who are recovering from a variety of disorders: neurological, cardiovascular, metabolic or musculo-skeletal. Coordinating with the client's physician and/or physical therapist. We emphasize, target and implement post-rehab protocols to increase the probability of a complete recovery. Just as important as rehabilitation is prevention. Corrective exercise for injury prevention -with an emphasis on balance, agility, strengthening and overall conditioning- is an integral part of all Grene Fitness services.

One on One

A session is one hour long and can be split into two half an hour sessions. Those who choose to set up "on account" will be changed $40.00 per session.

Please call for special offers and pricing.

Group Training

Group training is a great way to work out with friends while still receiving the guidance of a certified personal trainer. Plus, you will save money by splitting the cost amongst the group. First, find some friends with similar goals and fitness levels who want to join your group. Next, meet with Nick to setup a plan and schedule. Finally, let Nick lead you and your group to your fitness goals.

Orientation Sessions

All Weight Club members with at least a month of membership are entitled to two Orientation sessions. These sessions are are very general in nature and meant to ensure you're getting the most out of your membership by having Nick take you through a workout covering a wide range of the equipment and facilities that The Weight Club has to offer. Please see the front desk about scheduling an Orientation session.