"I started using Nick’s personal training services in the fall of 2010. I had made a personal decision to get healthy and enlisted Nick to help me do so. It was not an easy process, and I continue it to this day but with Nick’s guidance I am so much further than I would have ever been on my own. He is encouraging and supportive and shows just as much excitement as I do about new goals being reached. With his help I have lost over eighty pounds, gained muscle strength and feel over all so much better about myself. Nick has given me so many tools to help me on my way to physical fitness goals. He truly cares about his clients and pushes them to excel. I highly recommend Nick’s services to anyone interested in achieving new fitness goals. You will not be disappointed with his dedication and guidance."



"I have always lived a very healthy and active lifestyle but had never considered using a personal trainer. Nick has been a childhood friend, so when I decided to hire a trainer he was the obvious choice. My reasons for getting a trainer were to make sure my form was correct and to ensure I was using all the equipment properly. I only planned on having a few sessions but now after a year Nick is still teaching me new techniques. Nick is very flexible and works around my schedule. I like the extra motivation that I get when I work with Nick. Whenever I feel like giving up Nick pushes me a little further."



"In the time that I have worked with Nick, we have worked on strengthening my core and developing my endurance. He works me hard, answers my questions well and challenges me to go beyond my limitations. I always feel better after a session with him, and perhaps more importantly, training with Nick has become an enjoyable part of my week. I can recommend him without reservation. His consideration and sense of humor create a positive and safe place in which to work and learn."