Meet Nick Grene

Nick is a certified AFPA personal trainer. He specializes in general fitness, strength and conditioning, and sports specific exercise. Nick has been involved in and competing in athletics since he was a child.

"I really started to take an interest in personal fitness beginning in 1998, when I started playing football. I wanted to become bigger, stronger, and faster so I could compete with the best athletes on the field." -Nick

In addition to working out with the team, Nick's grandmother purchased personal training sessions for him. He immediately fell in love with the idea of improving his physical fitness as well as reaching personal goals that he had only dreamt about. With lots of hard work and help from his coaches and trainers Nick became 2nd team All River Ridge district academic athlete in football as a defensive end and running back.

Working with a personal trainer gave Nick the confidence, discipline and the skills needed to succeed and reach his goals on and off the field. In 2005 Nick began working at Blacksburg Health and Fitness at the Weight Club. Shortly thereafter he completed his personal training certification. Nick is working towards a bachelor’s degree in physical fitness and sports conditioning.